A Whole Year Handmade

One year ago I pledged to spend 52 weeks/12 months, buying handmade clothes, or making them myself. I’m not going to lie, it’s been really bloody difficult.

Confession - There have been points when I have slipped. I have to say, there are just times in our busy modern lives when convenience rules, but one thing is for sure, this year I have not bought clothing from unethical sources, and I refuse to buy clothing from unethical sources again.

Difficult, maybe. Educational, certainly. I thought I was fairly mindful of the way I consumed, particularly fashion, but something that I have learnt is to research MORE. Ask questions and get to the source of the supply chain. Lots of high street brands do a great job of greenwashing. ‘Conscious collection’, ‘Join Life’, etc etc. All very nice, but what about the rest of the garments in the shop? And what about the people making the garments? Who are they? What do they earn? How do they live?

Fashion Revolution offers a whole host of honest and reliable information - head over to their site to read up. They have some great resources and loads of suggestions for dressing yourself sustainably.

I have made some great discoveries in terms of independent clothing brands. I’ve shared a few before, but thought it would be useful to share my all time favourite garments of the year.

Right to left, top to bottom: Edith & Bertha Linen Blouse / OFFON Linen Jumpsuit / Phaedra Clothing Long Sleeve Linen Crop / OFFON Dusty Pink Linen Mid-length Dress / STALF Black Playsuit / STALF Organic Velour Sweatshirt

I’ve made myself a whole bunch of garms too. Some of the pieces I’ve made in quantities of two as so many of you have asked if they are available to buy.

So, here’s some good news! To celebrate the end of #oneyearhandmade I’ve saved up a few of my favourite pieces which are now exclusively available in the shop. Shop now, as items are few and far between!

This last year:

I’ve learnt to respect my clothes, and to respect where they came from.

I’ve done my bit to tackle consumerism.

I’ve found ways to swap, reuse or relove clothes.

I’ve discovered beautiful independent clothing brands.



If you fancy a bit of the above, I challenge you to take part in #oneyearhandmade

The Rules:

- If you NEED something to wear, consider whether you can make it.

- Make as much as possible!

- Buy only handmade from real people. (Check on my blog to find out more on my favourite indie fashion brands to get you started).

I’m here if you have questions. Maybe you need some encouragement? Remember to #oneyearhandmade on instagram to share your progress!

Happy shopping, happy making.


Rosie Drake-Knight